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For the first 6 months of babies lives, they are unable to blow their noses. Over this time, babies often suffer from respiratory problems due to an accumulation of mucus and dryness of the nasal lining. This can limit their ability to properly breathe, eat and sleep. Therefore, during infancy, it’s more important than ever to keep their little noses clear so they can breathe freely.

Otrivin Sea Water for Babies is a natural, safe and effective way to help keep nasal cavities clear and hydrated, allowing your baby to breath freely. It is a 100% natural, preservative free, isotonic sea water solution that helps cleanse excessive mucous accumulation from the nasal passages, especially when caused by colds, allergies and upper respiratory infections.

Specially designed for Babies, the applicator nozzle has an oversized safety tip that prevents it from being inserted too deep into the nose, avoiding discomfort and damage to the nasal lining. It produces a soft spray with ultra-fine microdrops that effectively clear out mucous and is safe for a baby’s delicate nose.

Directions: It is recommended to seek medical advice before using on infants less than 2 weeks old. Suggested use is 1-2 times per day, or as often as needed. Lay the child on its back with its head tilted towards the right. Insert the applicator in the left (upper) nostril and spray a short burst to cleanse the nostril. Follow the same procedure in the right (upper) nostril after turning the child’s head to the left. After use, clean and dry the nozzle and put the protective cap back on.

Composition: Sea water and purified water.